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The Business of Pickleball Newsletter

If you are serious about Pickleball this is the newsletter for you.

Why Subscribe?

Increase Revenue

Learn of new opportunities to increase your business' revenue.

Avoid Minefields

Avoid operational or legal minefields that might end up costing thousands of dollars.

Be Current

Let us monitor what's happening in pickleball so we can inform you monthly.

The Newsletter

The Business of Pickleball Newsletter is the only comprehensive monthly publication to cover the rapidly growing pickleball ecosystem.  Starting with the inaugural issue in April 2024, the newsletter will dive deep into topics of interest to any pickleball business.

Who will benefit?

This newsletter is for you if your business or investment includes:

  • Pickleball Equipment Companies

    • Paddles

    • Balls

    • Apparel

    • Shoes

    • Accessories

    • Jewelry

  • Facilities

    • Franchise Facilities

    • Multi-location Facilities

    • Individual Facilities

    • Resorts

    • Parks and Recreation Departments

    • Court and Facility Construction Companies

  • Private Equity, Venture Capital, Private Investors

  • Resellers

    • Ecommerce

    • Brick and Mortar

    • Amazon

  • Pro Team Owners

  • Pro Pickleball Athletes

  • Pickleball Travel Operators

  • Pickleball Content

  • Pickleball Instruction Companies

  • Tournament Related Companies

  • Looking to Invest in Pickleball

  • Have Already Invested

  • Building Your Own Company

  • Looking to Start Your Own Company

  • Looking to Sell

The newsletter is uniquely focused on the business of pickleball.   There will be no coverage of tournament winners, articles on how to be a better pickleball player, or discussions on how to determine if you are a 4.0 or 4.5 player.

wow - your newsletter is seriously awesome. I've never seen anything like it in pickleball. Just read every word, bravo!

                                                        Brandon Mackie

                                                        Co-founder - Pickleheads



Who is writing the newsletter?

The newsletter will be researched and written by pickleball industry experts, including David Johnson, a co-founder of Pickleball Central.  David and his partners spent 16+ years growing Pickleball Central from an idea at the kitchen table, acquiring companies such as Pickleball Inc. and Pickleball Tournaments, and selling it all to Dundon Capital at the end of 2021.  Along the way, David was involved in managing the largest pickleball e-commerce company, the largest pickleball tournament software company, and Pickleball Station – one of the first dedicated indoor pickleball facilities.  As a pickleball company executive, David dealt with product development, e-commerce, a sizable Amazon business, legal issues, HR issues, facilities issues, SAAS tournament software, rating development and implementation, as well as some of pickleball’s marquee mergers and acquisitions. 



What you will read

We will share many of the things David learned over 16 years in pickleball.  We will generate one-of-a-kind data to help you better understand what is happening in the pickleball ecosystem.  This is data you can’t find anywhere else.  We will provide leading economic indicators for the pickleball market to help you understand what is happening now and into the future.

David and guest analysts will provide informed analysis of trends, business models, and movers and shakers who are shaping today’s pickleball ecosystem.

You will read about ideas to help your pickleball business increase its revenue.  How to improve your margins and profit.  Be more efficient.  Leverage partnerships.  Find the best marketing ideas.

You will hear about potential landmines your business needs to avoid.  How to maintain your intellectual property and not infringe on others.  Avoid potentially costly human resource mistakes.  All kinds of legal steps you should be aware of and when to implement them.

You will learn about the state of mergers and acquisitions in pickleball.  What is the history of acquisitions in the past, what is happening now, and what might happen in the future.

As a subscriber to The Business of Pickleball, you will be more informed than your competitors who haven’t signed on.

From time to time, we will also provide discounts on products and services available only to subscribers.  You may cover the cost of a subscription just with these offers.

Regular Features

Here is a starting point on the regular features we will cover in the newsletter:

  1. News and resources on pickleball mergers and acquisitions

  2. Governing body news

  3. Marketing news and opportunities

  4. Legal issues and analysis

  5. Industry benchmarks and indexes

  6. International news and resources

  7. Pickleball products and Amazon

  8. Intellectual property issues in the pickleball world

  9. Facilities news and analysis

  10. Tournament news and analysis

  11. Partnership news and analysis

  12. Pickleball company profile

Download the first issue to get a sense of what the newsletter will provide on a monthly basis.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that this would have been a tremendous value add when I was running my businesses.

Tarek Zaheer

Details about The Business of Pickleball newsletter

  • Published monthly, around mid-month

  • PDF format

  • 1-year individual subscription is $299

  • 1-year corporate subscription is $799

We value the IP rights we create with our in-depth research and data presentation, our unique analysis and our informative articles. As such, we license the newsletter on an individual basis.If there are multiple employees within your organization, we have a corporate subscription offer that allows you to distribute access to the newsletters to others within your organization (W2 employees only) that would benefit from each monthly issue.


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Money Back Guarantee

We are confident that if you are serious about doing business in the pickleball world you will find the newsletter well worth the subscription price.  If not, cancel after the first issue and receive a full refund.  Cancel anytime thereafter and receive a pro-rata refund for your remaining issues.

Can you afford not to subscribe?



P.S. Feel free to email if you have industry news, feedback, or story ideas. 

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